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센서   phased-out model  esf-1/15/CDF

  • esf-1/15/CDF
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적합성 선언 UKCA Declaration of Conformity

  • 1 x Push-Pull + 1 x pnp
sheeting with weights of < 20 g/m2 up to >> 400 g/m2, metal-laminated sheets and films up to 0.2 mm thick, self-adhesive films, labels on backing material
포크 형
label/splice detection
진폭 계산을 가진 펄스 작동
500 kHz
20 - 30 V d.c., 역극성 보호
± 10 %
≤ 50 mA
5-핀 M12 규격 플러그
switching output
Push-Pull, UB-3 V, -UB+3 V,Imax = 100 mA
스위칭 출력
pnp: I최대 = 500 mA (UB-2V)
NOC/NCC 조정가능,쇼트 보호회로
300 µs up to 2,25 ms, dependent on the material
< 300 ms
6 mm
149,5 mm
산화처리 알루미늄
폴리우레탄 폼, 글라스-에폭시 수지
IP 65
+5°C to +60°C
-40°C to +85°C
90 g
1 push-button
com input
Teach-in via push-button
Teach-in via com input on pin 5
LCA-2 with LinkControl
1 x LED green: working, 1 x LED yellow: label/splice detected, 1 x LED red: web break