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    Nature as a model
    How does an ultrasonic sensor work? The sensor emits through its ultrasonic transducer high-frequency sound pulses, which are not audible to men. These pulses are then reflected by the object. The ultrasonic sensor receives these reflected echoes and uses the information to calculate the distance to the object.
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    pico+TF ultrasonic level sensor Compact in protective suit
    Chemical-resistant sensor family with a sensor length of 55 mm including plug.

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    LinkControl Easy to parameterize
    Did you know LinkControl adapter allows you to parameterize many of our ultrasonic sensors directly or via USB interface on the PC? Learn more about the comfortable settings and download the current version of LinkControl software.
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    ultrasonic barrier-beam sensor cubic and cylindrical
    In cuboidal and cylindrical sensor housing
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mic+ ultrasonic sensors

Distance measurement from 30 mm to 8 m



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nano ultrasonic sensor

Size matters: M12 sensor


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