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Appsolutely microsonic!

Scegli direttamente il sensore ad ultrasuoni appropriato per la tua applicazione o seleziona tramite l'utilizzo di filtri sulla barra di ricerca il tuo prodotto tra i tanti presenti nel database. L'applicazione provvede informazioni dettagliate e manuali d'utilizzo. Non è richiesta la connessione internet per il funzionamento dell' app (necessaria solo per gli aggiornamenti).

L'app è divisa in queste tre categorie:

  • Ricerca sensore: Inserisci direttamente il codice d'ordine del tuo sensore ad ultrasuoni e ottieni così dati tecnici oppure scegli tra diverse centinaia di sensori per criterio, "famiglia", "modalità operativa", "output", "forma costruttiva", "altre versioni" e "distanza dall'oggetto (mm)". Aggiungi il sensore che hai selezionato alla tua lista preferiti interna all'applicazione.
  • Famiglie di sensori: Ottieni informazioni sulle varie famiglie di sensori e tutti gli accessori collegati. L'app contiene sia brevi introduzioni che specifiche dettagliate e rispettivi manuali d'utilizzo.
  • microsonic: Scopri di più su una delle aziende più rinomate al mondo nel campo dei sensori ad ultrasuoni.
  • Service: Maggiori informazioni sull'affascinante mondo della misurazione tramite ultrasuoni.
  • Novità: Scopri i prodotti più recenti e ottieni maggiori informazioni su microsonic e i sensori ad ultrasuoni.
  • Preferiti: Aggiungi i prodotti che hai selezionato nella lista preferiti interna all'applicazione. I tuoi preferiti sono indicati con una stella nella lista dei sensori e nella vista dettagliata del prodotto.
  • Impostazioni: Scegli il linguaggio preferito.

microsonic turned 25 & moved into new headquarters

microsonic celebrated its 25th anniversary in its new company building at PHOENIX Lake in Dortmund

„In the founding year of our company we sold a whopping nine sensors“, Johannes Schulte, founder of microsonic GmbH remembers. 25 Years have passed and today microsonic is in the top three of the world's ultrasonic sensor producers. microsonic doubled its production capacities at the new company location at PHOENIX Lake. The building was designed by Architekturbüros F&G Geddert und plus 4930 Düsseldorf • Berlin and erected by Freundlieb Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG in Dortmund. On a 4,300m² piece of land a three-floored building was constructed that includes manufacturing and storage areas, R&D labs and an entire floor for management, sales and admin.

On September 15, 2015, the Dortmund specialist für ultrasound sensors officially inaugurated their new headquarters. Clients and partners from Germany and other countries as well as guests from industry, science and politics had the opportunity to explore the new company building in what was once the steel production site Phoenix East. "microsonic brings a highly innovative company to its new headquarters in the historical steel production site Phoenix. Looking at the rise of this two-man-company into a leading specialist for ultrasonic sensors and viewing their new location at Phoenix, one term springs to mind: vivid structural change," said Garrelt Duin, Economy Minister of North Rhine/ Westphalia, about this double event. After specialist presentations, a sensor exhibition and a show presentation of sensor manufacture, a festive summer party on the roof terrace rounded off the 25th anniversary and headquarters inauguration.

Phoenix East was once a production site for high-quality steel. Today microsonic utilizes this location and its infrastructure, among other things, to provide an attractive working environment - the spacious cafeteria, for example, offers a clear view of Phoenix Lake. Architecturally, the modern, newly-constructed building is bright and open, with much glass and steel in its design. The central light tower connects the individual departments of the three building levels, ensuring close interconnection of daily business processes. The green roof terrace facing south creates an open communication space for large and small meetings and a recreational area for employees during their breaks.

Photo caption: From left to right
Stefan Schreiber (Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce), Thomas Westphal (President of Economic Development Dortmund), Johannes Schulte (Managing director of microsonic GmbH), Garrelt Duin (Economy Minister of North Rhine/ Westphalia)

The brand new microsonic catalogue

The new microsonic product catalogue presents the current range of ultrasonic sensors in a stylish look. The catalogue consists of 140 pages well filled with technical details for each ultrasonic sensor as well as interesting background knowledge of ultrasonic technology. A look at the overview table is an easy way for customers to select the right sensor.

Today, microsonic is a globally recognised specialist for ultrasonic sensors in applications for industrial automation technology. Wherever other types of sensors have reached their performance limits, there are almost no restrictions to solve an application with ultrasonic sensors. Whether solid, liquid, powder or transparent materials; ultrasonic sensors detect objects without contact.

What’s new? lcs+ cuboidal ultrasonic sensors, bks+ web edge sensors plus the shortest M12 ultrasonic sensor in the market, the nano, complete a wide product range. The portfolio provides ultrasonic distance sensors in different specifications (cylindrical, cuboidal, miniature housing, chemical- or pressure-resistant) and ultrasonic sensors for special applications like double-sheet control as well as label and splice sensors. Upon request, customer-specific requirements and concrete demands often provide the starting point for individual developments.