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    pico+ ultrasonic sensors Updated to IO-Link 1.1
    pico+ ultrasonic sensors with Push-Pull switching output are updated to IO-Link version 1.1. The sensors are equipped with Smart Sensor Profile. This standardizes process data and parameter access of sensors with IO-Link interface.

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    We still solve challenges with ultrasound, manufacture your sensors and guarantee strong delivery performance.


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    Easy to clean. The new pms ultrasonic sensor.
    Take a look at our pms ultrasonic sensor in washdown design. Learn more about possible applications from food- and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries.

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    Best equipped The new lpc+ sensor family
    The lpc+ sensors are IO-Link-capable in accordance with IO-Link specification V1.1 and support Smart Sensor Profile. The lpc+ sensors in the M18 housing design sleeve optionally have two push-pull switching outputs or a push-pull switching output and an analog output.

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mic+ ultrasonic sensors

Distance measurement from 30 mm to 8 m


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Choose an ultrasonic sensor for your application.


Smart sensors
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Discover ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link and Smart Sensor Profile


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