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    쉬운 청소. 새로운 pms 초음파 센서.
    washdown 디자인에서 우리의 pms 초음파 센서를보십시오. 제약 산업은 물론 식품 및 음료의 응용 가능성에 대해 자세히 알아보십시오.

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    well-positioned mic+ sensor family with IO-Link
    mic+ sensors in the M30 threaded sleeve cover a measuring range from 30 mm to 8 m with their five detection ranges. The digital display with LED display shows the current distance value.

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    Best equipped The new lpc+ sensor family
    The lpc+ sensors are IO-Link-capable in accordance with IO-Link specification V1.1 and support Smart Sensor Profile like Digital Measuring Sensor. The lpc+ sensors in the M18 housing design sleeve optionally have two push-pull switching outputs with an IO-Link interface or a push-pull switching output with IO-Link interface and an analog output 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.

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    Nature as a model
    How does an ultrasonic sensor work? The sensor emits through its ultrasonic transducer high-frequency sound pulses, which are not audible to men. These pulses are then reflected by the object. The ultrasonic sensor receives these reflected echoes and uses the information to calculate the distance to the object.
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mic+ 초음파 센서

30mm ~ 8m 까지의 검출 거리


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with IO-Link

Overview of all ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link

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