ews ultrasonic through-beam sensor

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Ultrasonic through-beam barrier in different housings

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  • Emitter and receiver in miniature cubic housing or in M18 housing
  • Installation-compatible with many through-beam barriers a true alternative for critical applications
  • Up to 500 Hz switching frequency for fast sampling


  • 1 switching output in pnp variant
  • Teach- in using a button
  • Working distance between the transmitter and the receiver selectable from 10 to 2,500 mm
  • 20-30 V operating voltage


Ultrasonic through-beam barrier ews

for contact free detection of objects specially in the most diverse applications e.g. with bottles or plastic foils. The through-beam sensor ews is available as a cuboid miniature housing and a cylindrical M18 housing. The ews family covers a working range of 10 mm to 2,500 mm.

A through-beam barrier

consists of two constructively-identical units which are operated as a transmitter and a receiver. The two units recognize whether they are intended to work as a transmitter or a receiver via the control input. If pin 2 +UB is activated, this unit functions as a transmitter.

The functional principle ultrasonic through-beam barrier

The functional principle

one through-beam sensor ews, set as emitter, sends cyclic sound impulses, received by another one, set as receiver. If an object interrupts the pulses between the transmitter and the receiver, the switching output of the receiver is set.


The button on the top of the cubic through-beam barrier ews-15/CD allows for a convenient configuration of the response time and the output function  (NOC/NCC) of the receiver. The response time and an off-delay of 6,9 ms can be set. At the through-beam barrier in the M18 housing, response time and output function can be set at Pin 2.

Two LEDs

show the operating state and the state of the switching output of the receiver.