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    The rap way! The song in line with social distancing. Feel the beat
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    Ultrasonic level sensors with IO-Link and display
    The new crm+ level sensors are equipped with an IO-Link interface version 1.1. The sensors continuously detect levels of liquids or all kinds of bulk materials that reflect sound.
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    It's all not a question of the label
    The ultrasonic label sensors esf-1 detect labels, regardless of whether metallised or not, made of foil or paper. Changing colours, degrees of transparency or different material thicknesses do not present any challenge at all to the fork sensor. Now with IO-Link and improved evaluation algorithm.
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    We still solve challenges with ultrasound, manufacture your sensors and guarantee strong delivery performance.


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    pico+ ultrasoon sensoren Bijgewerkt naar IO-Link 1.1
    De pico+ ultrasoon sensoren met een Push-Pull schakeluitgang zijn bijgewerkt naar IO-Link versie 1.1. De sensoren zijn uitgerust met Smart Sensor Profile. Dit standaardiseert procesgegevens en parametertoegang van sensoren met IO-link interface.

    pico+ ultrasoon sensoren
  • pms_hygienie_sensor_1052x850.jpg
    Eenvoudig te reinigen De nieuwe pms ultrasoon sensoren
    Bekijk onze nieuwe pms ultrasoon sensor in washdown design. Lees over de applicatiemogelijkheden in de voedselverwerkende- en farmaceutische industrie.

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mic+ ultrasoon sensoren

Meetbereik van 30 mm tot 8 m


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The rap way!

The song in line with social distancing.