crm+ 超声波传感器

Sensorbild - Matrix





  • 超声波换能器覆盖 PEEK保护膜 便于清理并有很高的抗腐蚀性
  • 不锈钢外壳
  • 测量值直接以mm/cm 或 %的方式通过LED显示出来
  • IO-Link 接口 支持最新的工业标准
  • 可通过数字显示器预设数值的传感器 实现传感器的预设
  • 自动同步和异步工作 最多可实现10个传感器的同步工作


  • 1 个推挽开关量输出 兼容 pnp 或 npn
  • 1 个或2个pnp开关量输出
  • 模拟量输出4–20mA和0–10V 电流和电压输出可自动切换
  • 检测距离从 30 mm 到 8 m,存在5种检测量程
  • 可以使用T1或T2按钮来进行microsonic的示教
  • 0.025 mm ~2.4 mm 的分辨率
  • 温度补偿
  • 工作电压 9–30 V
  • 连接控制 可以通过连接电脑来配置传感器参数


Sensor membrane with wear-resistant protective film

In many filling processes, spray on the sensor membrane simply cannot be avoided. These sprays often harden so that after longer periods of operation contamination can only be removed from the sensor membrane by mechanical means. The new protective film of the crm+ sensors now makes it easy to remove caked-on soiling, such as hardened casting compound and cement spatter.

The protective film is also highly resistant to corrosive media. The threaded sleeve is made of 1.4571 stainless steel.

TouchControl with LED display - Wear-resistant PEEK protective film

There are three output stages available for all five detection ranges:

1 switching output, optionally in pnp or Push-Pull circuitry
2 pnp switching outputs
1 analogue output 4–20 mA and 0–10 V

The crm+ sensors with switching output have three operating modes:

  • Single switching point
  • Two-way reflective barrier
  • Window mode

With TouchControl

all configuration can be done right at the sensor. The easily legible three-digit LED display continually shows the current distance value and automatically switches between millimetre and centimetre displays.

Setting a switching or analogue output

can optionally be carried out by numeric input of the desired distance values, or using a teach-in procedure. This permits the user to select the configuration method preferred.
The crm+ sensors support synchronisation and multiplex operation and have extensive parameterisation options via LinkControl. For detailed information, please see at mic+ sensors.


consists of the LinkControl adapter and the LinkControl software and facilitates the configuration of the crm+ sensors via a PC or laptop with any conventional Windows® operating system.

Sensor connected to the PC via LCA-2 for programming