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Measuring principle: Ultrasonic amplitute evaluation

If the transmitter and receiver are arranged opposite each other as an ultrasonic barrier, thin material such as papers, foils, metal sheets can be "sounded through". It is possible with these dual-head sensors to detect double layers of material very easily and reliably.

The functional principle:

The transmitter sends a high-frequency sound pulse. This propagates through the air at the speed of sound.

If the sound pulse hits a material, it is set into vibration and "sounded through". The receiver receives the signal. From the strength of the incoming signal, the ultrasonic sensor detects an additional layer of material.

Measuring principle: ultrasonic amplitute evaluation

Almost all materials that allow sound to pass through are detected - regardless of their colour. Ultrasonic dual-head sensors can even deal with high-transparent materials or thin foils.

microsonic ultrasonic sensors measure both in dusty air and through paint mist. Even thin deposits on the sensor membrane have no negative effects on sensor function. Sensors with a blind zone of only 20 mm and with an extremely slim sound beam open up completely new applications: Detection of weld seams or use in lithium-ion battery production.

Double-sheet control with dbk+4

The double-sheet sensor detects reliable if there are one or two sheets, cardboards, metal plates, or films lying on top of each other. Learn more in our online training session.


Splice detection with esp-4

Web materials are spliced or overlapped with an adhesive strip. The task of a splice sensor is to reliabe detect these splices in a web material that is usually unwound from a coil. Learn more in our online training session.



Label positioning with esf-1

The ultrasonic label sensor reliable detects the label - regardless of the label and carrier material. A labeller sticks these to products at high speed. Learn more in our online training session.




超音波エッジ・センサー bksは、フォークセンサーかつ一方向バリアとして設計されています。経路制御に使用され、パス・エッジの位置決め基準点に応じて、0-10 V又は4-20 mAのアナログ信号を出力します。


esf-1 ラベルセンサー は、透明度が高く、反射する素材と同様に金属でコーティングされたラベルやいかなる色のラベルでも確実に検知します。測定サイクルタイムは、音源パワーの必要に応じて自動的に自己調整します。



dbk+4 超音波式二枚検知センサー





esp-4 継ぎ目センサーは、確実に継ぎ目やラベルを検知します。M18ハウジングだけでなくM12ハウジングに収められた外部受信トランスデューサの両方をご利用いただけます。

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