wms ultrasonic sensors

Sensor matrix of standard sensors


The wms sensors are designed for use in microprocessor controllers with signal evaluation performed by the customer.

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  • Trigger input for control of the ultrasonic transmitter
  • Echo output for customer-provided evaluation in the controller


  • 1 echo output with a load up to 10 mA
  • 5 detection ranges with a measurement range of 30 mm to 8 m
  • 0.36 mm resolution
  • 10–30 V operating voltage


The wms sensors

require connection to the customer's own control and signal evaluation equipment.

wms - the inexpensive alternative

to a self-contained sensor when the sensor must be controlled by the customer's system. A microprocessor control is normally required for this.

The "transmitter" signal input 

briefly has to be set to -UB by the control unit via an open-collector circuit. As a result, an the wms sensor emits a sound pulse for the time of this signal.

The "echo" signal output

subsequently transmits all echo signals received depending on their duration as 1 bit values (echo yes/no). This takes between 8 and 65 ms depending on the type of sensor. The positive-switched (pnp) output can be loaded with 10 mA. The computation of the distance and subsequent processing is carried out in the customer's control system.

Our project engineers

will be happy to assist you in integrating a wms sensor into your control system.

Triggering a wms sensor from the customer's control system