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archiv sensor  dbk-4/Empf/CDD/O/ QP/POD

  • dbk-4/Empf/CDD/O/ QP/POD
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dbk-4/Empf/CDD/O/ QP/POD
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  • 2 x pnp
papers with weights of 20 - 1,200 g/m2, metal-laminated sheets and films up to 0.4 mm thick, self-adhesive films, sheet metals up to 0.3 mm thick, fine corrugated card
double sheet control
pulse operation with amplitude evaluation
400 kHz
7 mm in front of transmitter and receiver
20 - 30 V d.c., reverse polarity protection
± 10 %
≤ 45 mA
2 m PVC cable, 5 x 0.25 mm2
1.2 m PVC cable with 2-pin plug IP 20
double sheet output
pnp: Imax = 500 mA (UB-2V)
NCC, short-circuit-proof
missing sheet output
pnp: Imax = 500 mA (UB-2V)
NCC, short-circuit-proof
2.5 ms or 6.5 ms in free-run mode
only free-run mode:
The dbk measures continuously. Should the control input stay unconnected or if it is set against -UB (UE < 5 V DC), the mounting gap between transmitter and receiver must be 40 mm.
For a 60 mm mounting gap, the control input must be set at +UB (UE > 9 V DC) .
control input
40 mm ± 3 mm resp. 60 mm ± 3 mm
± 45° from the perpendicular to the sheet
brass sleeve, nickel-plated, plastic parts, PBT
polyurethane foam, epoxy resin with glass contents
15 Nm
IP 65
+5°C to +60°C
-40°C to +85°C
250 g
not necessary
not necessary
1 x Duo-LED; green: working / red: double sheet / flashing green: missing sheet