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Ultrasonic principle

Ultrasonic sensors have set new standards in automation

Ultrasonic principle:

Ultrasonic sensors emit short, high-frequency sound pulses at regular intervals. These propagate in the air at the velocity of sound. If they strike an object, then they are reflected back as echo signals to the sensor, which itself computes the distance to the target based on the time-span between emitting the signal and receiving the echo.

Ultrasonic principle

As the distance to an object is determined by measuring the time of flight and not by the intensity of the sound, ultrasonic sensors are excellent at suppressing background interference.

Virtually all materials which reflect sound can be detected, regardless of their colour. Even transparent materials or thin foils represent no problem for an ultrasonic sensor.

microsonic ultrasonic sensors are suitable for target distances from 20 mm to 10 m and as they measure the time of flight they can ascertain a measurement with pinpoint accuracy. Some of our sensors can even resolve the signal to an accuracy of 0.025 mm.

Ultrasonic sensors can see through dust-laden air and ink mists. Even thin deposits on the sensor membrane do not impair its function.

Sensors with a blind zone of only 20 mm and an extremely thin beam spread are making entirely new applications possible today: Fill level measurement in wells of microtiter plates and test tubes, as well as the detection of small bottles in the packaging industry, can be implemented with ease. Even thin wires are reliably detected.

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    Range of ultrasonic sensors 20 mm to 8 m measuring range
    Whoever reflects is detected. Liquid, solids, bulk material and more. Choose your ultrasonic sensors due to application, housing design, output stage and measuring range.
    Choose your ultrasonic sensor
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    mic+ ultrasonic sensors Measuring range 30 mm to 8 m.
    The mic+ ultrasonic sensors detect objects and distances in a measuring range from 30 mm to 8 m. The sensor in M30 threaded sleeve is equipped with a digital display showing the measured value output. The sensors are available with switching or analogue output and IO-Link interface.
    mic+ ultrasonic sensor family

Clear water or black coffee

The ultrasonic sensor registers virtually all liquids.


Ruby red, steel blue, lemon yellow, ...

What's your favourite colour? The ultrasonic sensor loves them all.


White on white, black on black?

No problem for the ultrasonic sensor.


Sheets of glass and skin-thin foils

The ultrasonic sensor detects them all reliably.


Velvet and leather

Almost all fabrics can be detected.


Coarse grains, chips or fine sand

In level control the ultrasonic sensor is unbeatable.