pms ultrasonic sensors

Sensor matrix of standard sensors


The design of the wash-down stainless steel housing with no crevices and dirt edges makes pms sensor perfectly suited to intensive cleaning and disinfection.

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  • Innovative housing in Washdown Design easy to clean, EHEDG certified
  • Two stainless-steel housings for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • PTFE membranefor protection against aggressive media
  • Sealed against the housing with an O-ring made from FKM for the highest possible chemical resistance
  • ECOLAB certified and FDA-compliant materials
  • IO-Link interface for support of the new industry standard
  • UL Listed to Canadian and US safety standards


  • 1 Push-Pull switching outputs pnp or npn basis
  • Analogue output 4–20 mA or 0–10 V
  • 4 detection ranges with a measurement range of 20 mm to 1.3 m
  • Temperature compensation
  • 9–30 V operating voltage
  • LinkControl for configuration of sensors from a PC


The pms ultrasonic sensors

are designed for the most demanding hygienic requirements according to EHEDG guidelines. Two versions of the sensor are available: D12 adapter shaft and D12 bayonet catch. The standard version D12 adapter shaft is mounted with a hygienic screw connection BF-pms/A1 or an adequate mounting clip.

The innovative design of the stainless steel housing ensures that the pms sensor has no horizontal surfaces in almost all conceivable installation positions. Even with horizontal installation of the hygienic sensor for measuring vertical downwards, the rear side of the housing maintains an angle of ≥ 3°. Cleaning fluids can safely drain off the housing.

Rear side of the housing with an incline of ≥ 3°

The smooth stainless steel housing has a roughness depth of Ra < 0.8 µm and has no crevices and dirt edges. Besides the sensor design, the right material is crucial. The ultrasonic transducer is protected by a PTFE foil and withstands chemically aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The pms has a high endurance and is ECOLAB certified.

Stainless-steel sensor in wash-down design, all horizontal surfaces are at least inclined by 3°

For the pms hygiene sensors

there are 2 output stages and 4 detection ranges available:

1 Push-Pull switching output with pnp or npn switching technology
1 analogue output 4–20 mA or 0–10 V

Sensors with switching output have three operating modes:

  • Single switching point
  • Two-way reflective barrier
  • Window mode

Teach-in of a single switching point

  • Place object to be detected (1) at the desired distance
  • Apply +UB to pin 2 for about 3 seconds
  • Then apply +UB to pin 2 again for about 1 second

Teach-in of a switching point

Teach-in of a two-way reflective barrier

with a fixed reflector

  • Apply +UB to pin 2 for about 3 seconds
  • Then apply +UB to pin 2 again for about 10 seconds

Teach-in of a two-way reflective barrier

For setting an analogue output

  • initially position the object to be detected on the sensor-close window limit (1)
  • Apply +UB to pin 2 for about 3 seconds
  • Move the object to the sensor-distant window limit (2)
  • Then apply +UB to pin 2 again for about 1 second

Teach-in of an analogue characteristic or a window with two switching points

To set a window

with two switching points on a single switch output, the procedure is the same as setting the analogue.


and rising/falling analogue characteristic curve can also be set via pin 2.


consist of LinkControl-Adapter LCA-2 and LinkControl-Software and permits the configuration of pms sensors via PC or laptop with all conventional Windows® operating systems. For configuration of pms sensors, the additional adapter 5G/M12-4G/M12/M8 is needed.

Hygienie sensor connected to the PC via LCA-2 for programming

With the hygienic screw connection

BF-pms/A1 (accessory), the pms sensor is mounted hygienically. The screw connection has a ECOLAB and EHEDG certificate.

pms sensor and sensor screw connection in wash-down design

IO-Link integrated

in version 1.1. The pms ultrasonic sensors are equipped with Smart Sensor Profile, which creates more transparency between IO-Link devices.

Excellent set-up

The compact pms ultrasonic sensor

is made of stainless steel and FDA-conform materials.

Ensures high resistance

to cleaning agents in areas coming into contact with products in the pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry.

The innovative hygiene design

was designed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines. The pms sensor version D12-adapter shaft is EHEDG-certified.

Versatile applications

Beverage industry

The pms ultrasonic sensor detects glass and PET bottles in operating mode and withstands the cleaning intervals of filling machines. The sensor is mounted with the hygienic sensor mounting BF-pms/A1. For example, pms-25/F ... with Push-Pull switching output to count bottles.

Within the food industry

containers have to be counted or positioned, volume flow checked on conveyor belts, or food items have to be controlled on filling level and completeness. Two pms ultrasonic sensors monitor the completeness of apples in packaging boxes. For example, 2 x pms-25/F ... each with Push-Pull switching output for height control.


Within the pharma industry

ampoules and glass vials have to be counted and the volume flow in the filling level process has to be controlled. On a turntable, a pms sensor controls the volume flow of glass vials ahead of the filling line. For example, pms-35/U ... with voltage output 0-10 V.